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Antian Battleship Makatias Class by ERA-7 Antian Battleship Makatias Class :iconera-7:ERA-7 15,817 321
Self-Revising + Self-Editing Resource Feature
:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple]
One of the most frequent things I encounter with writers, especially storytellers, is people treating Revision and Editing as though they’re interchangeable words for the same process. Well…
As an example, allow me to share a wonderful experience I had in one of my first creative writing courses:
It was a requirement for the final portfolio that students “Revise” their work. During discussion of this, one student asked,
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Night Flight by JeffPerryman Night Flight :iconjeffperryman:JeffPerryman 4 4 Hidden Outpost by joelhustak Hidden Outpost :iconjoelhustak:joelhustak 455 19
Orphan of Aspont [part 6]
Her father was dead, her brother had just staged the most miraculous rescue the king had seen this year, and Ri was unsure what to do with this new, sudden change.  Too many changes.  She stared at her brother, and a playful smile came across his lips.  For a moment they were twelve again and he kicked her ankle. She lifted her heel and stomped on his toes.
“Ow.” He drew his foot back, but he was smiling.
“I was going to die as an orphan today. No wife at my side, no family to witness.”
“I heard their speeches.”
She sucked in a breath. “I’ve harmed royalty. Do you really understand what I’ve done? Do you understand why I did it?”
“Rivs, I’m a thief. You think I judge other people?” He wandered back to the earthen bench and plopped down. “I do what I must, so you do what you must. We are family and that counts more than wrongdoings.”
“Maybe.” She sighed. “Maybe it d
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PE Prose Basics: Revise and Edit
Prose Basics Week is winding down now and hopefully you've learned a lot from the brilliant past articles. But, there's more to writing than just getting that first draft done, isn't there? That's where the next big crucial step comes in: revision.
The Art of Revising:

Revision is such a huge topic to cover, especially since there are many ways to go about it. You can do self-edits, which always are a good first step, or you can get outside revisions from peers. Both are good ideas to really get your work to be top notch. But, the big thing to remember is that there's more to just editing your work than cleaning up a few spelling and grammar mistakes. Revising also includes corrections to sentence flow, scenes, and sometimes overall plot. So, before we jump into some ways to edit, here are a few different terms of methods of editing that may be handy to know-- especially if you're asking a peer to help you with revisions.
Types of
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Feeling Sad Or Ignored? Feel Like Your Art Sucks?
Ok so if you have felt like this about your art here on DA at all at any point and you personally feel like you have made significant growth but at the same time no one is commenting like they use to or you just plain old feel ignored, there's a few things I'd like to say about this. This has come up a lot lately between me and multiple artists. I sometimes feel like that but then I remember this and this is from experience. Now I've been online as an artist since 2001. I spent most of my years on then I discovered mangabullet in I think 2009 and webcomics on since 2007. So I've been around. Now stupidly I took the art advice of art veterans on paperdemon about never joining DA because of the troll problem BUT PD for me I kept getting trolled so where was the difference? Also it was very very very inactive because it was a small community. This is my user experience, I use to be all pro PD for many years I use to think it was fantastic but I could never m
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The Dark Side by KaelNgu The Dark Side :iconkaelngu:KaelNgu 291 29 Star Wars Kuat Systems Eta-4 Interceptor by AdamKop Star Wars Kuat Systems Eta-4 Interceptor :iconadamkop:AdamKop 967 64 Jyn Erso by Stephen-Green Jyn Erso :iconstephen-green:Stephen-Green 282 9 A grey bird by Pawsieeee A grey bird :iconpawsieeee:Pawsieeee 6 2 Star Wars CEC Freedom-class Star Defender by AdamKop Star Wars CEC Freedom-class Star Defender :iconadamkop:AdamKop 740 37 Xwings Squad by daRoz Xwings Squad :icondaroz:daRoz 2,174 40 aftermath by 5ofnovember aftermath :icon5ofnovember:5ofnovember 807 67 Two Elements by Azot2017 Two Elements :iconazot2017:Azot2017 661 46 He115 by p40kittyhawk He115 :iconp40kittyhawk:p40kittyhawk 41 5


Whats the best and free alternative to adobe products? I'm trying to find a program that is very much like the adobe indesign program that I learned in college. So far I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 (Very out of date!), Medibangpaintpro, (tried kitra, it crashed my computer) and Inkscape (my alternative to Adobe Illustrator.) are there any other free graphic design programs out there I can use as well? 
Well, I tried signing up for adopt a writer. It didn't work out as the person was going through a tough time which I can relate. Am I able to do that program again?  It was really helpful. Just wondering because I need a pair of second eyes and someone to help me revise my manuscript. Or at least read it and tell me what they think, make marks on it and what not. I've searched the internet for editors too and they are wicked expensive. Just not sure what to do and I feel like I hit a bump in the road. 
How do you show and don't tell and when is it ok to tell and don't show in writing? This always confuses me. Like for an example, how do you show someone running down a crowded street instead of telling it? And how do you show emotion in writing instead of telling it? Isn't showing and telling the same thing? Just curious, I am new to this stuff and will be revising my manuscript sometime next month after taking a break. I'm sitting here scratching my head in confusion as I scroll through the internet searching effortlessly for information about this subject with no avail. The internet is not clear on the subject. Or I'm just not understanding it correctly? 
Just wondering how you guys organize your portfolio. My portfolio is very messy here and as my portfolio at home. I have no idea how to categorize it. 
Still going at the redraw this challenge. I'm really having a ball with this! Right now I'm just redrawing my old superheros i created before I started college and might even take this further. Hmm, Green Justice anyone?  



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I’m an artist, writer and Nerd at heart. I Proudly Graduated from Holyoke Community College with honors and earned my degree in Graphic design/ Visual Art. My mediums are many ranging from Penciling, Inking, Water Color, Acrylics and the computer using both Mac and PC and a drawing tablet. I’ve been drawing since kindergarten and now I peruse it as a career in graphic design and illustration. My style is in between cartoon and realism, which I have greatly embraced. What can I say? American and Japenese comics and animation have been a huge influence on me and my artistic style. I also have my grandmother to thank as she got me into the world of art when I was very young. She was my guide and mentor as well as my inspiration to become an artist.

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. Mostly Fan fiction and short stories that never got finished. My sister got me into it years ago and now I love writing every day. Thanks to her and writing fan fiction, I started my work on Jewel Darkstone, a character I created a long time ago and never got to finish the story until now. I get my story telling side from my great grandfather on my father’s side. He always had the greatest stories to tell when I was a kid and always enjoyed listening to him. He is my huge inspiration for being a writer and story teller.
Here you go, free art prompts I created and inspired by
Have fun!

A vampire Queen with a lust for apples

A summoner, summoning the dead but only raises two

One legged Alien Gladiator with four arms

Steampunk Knights of the round table

Musician Warrior with a guitar battle axe and a gong as his shield

The President consults his Magic 8 Ball and it comes true

A man changing into a two headed werewolf

Cyberpunk Sheriff that's half human and half machine

A post-apocalyptic bounty hunter that really sucks at his job

Guardians of the forest

Gothic Avengers

Intergalactic outlaw


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